HDMI 2.1 HD 8K PS4 Cable 4K 2K 144Hz Projector Laptop Xbox Connection


Product name: new HDMI line version 2.1 8K

Wire specification: 28AWG high density shielded wire, non-insulated ground wire

Connector material: version 2.1 shielded connector (conforming to EMI standard) aluminum alloy housing

Interface type: standard HDMI A-A 2.1V

Transmission impedance: high and low resistance

Storage environment: 0-55 ℃

Service life: normal use can last for more than 2-3 years, unless the equipment is incompatible or interfered by external factors

Scope of application: All devices with HDMI interface can be connected with HDMI cable, such as DVD player connected with HD TV, projector HD player, computer with HDMI interface connected with HD TV, projector, PS3 PS4 PS5 game console connected with HD TV, projector, etc

Product weight: color bag packaging weight: 1 m 120g 1.5 m 150g 2 m 180g 3 m 260g including color bag packaging

Carton packaging weight: 1 m 170g 1.5 m 205g 2 m 235g 3 m 305g including color box packaging

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